How to Winterize Your Mower

How to Winterize Your Mower


After a long mowing season, take a few simple steps to prepare your mower for winter.


Empty the Fuel Tank or Add a Stabilizer

When left in the tank over winter, gasoline can gum up or corrode components and chemically degrade.


Before you store your mower for the year, drain the fuel tank as dry as possible then run the mower until it burns through any remaining gas. Disconnect and drain fuel lines as well.


Alternatively, you can add a stabilizer to the tank to preserve the fuel.


Remove the Battery

If you use a lawn tractor or mower that’s powered by a battery, remove the battery, gently clean it, and store it in a cool, dry spot for the winter.


Replace the Spark Plug and Air Filter

Remove the spark plug and spray oil into the cylinder before replacing it with a new one once you’ve completed the rest of your winterization.


Clean and inspect the air filter — if it’s in poor condition, you should replace it too.


Drain the Oil

Completely drain all engine oil and replace it with new manufacturer-recommended oil before you start mowing again in the spring.


Sharpen the Blade

Carefully remove the blade and inspect it for any chips, bends or cracks. If you find signs of damage, replace it with a new one. If it’s still in good shape, sharpen the blade and be sure to balance it when reinstalling.


Clean and Lubricate the Mower 

Clean off the mower deck, internal components, and exterior with a cloth so all parts are free of any dirt, grass, or other debris. Then apply a quality spray lubricant to pivot points.


Store it for the Winter

Store your mower in a clean, dry space for the winter and keep it covered with a tarp to protect it from dust and pests.


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