Mowtivator Spotlight: Lawn Dad

Mowtivator Spotlight: Lawn Dad

LawnDad launched in 2018 and has since helped thousands of homeowners transform their lawns. Here’s more on the man behind this Mowtivator.


Working in finance in North Georgia, LawnDad first became interested in lawn care when his family moved from a home with no lawn to one with a 10,000 square foot yard. He knew nothing about maintaining a healthy lawn at the time. After a lot of online research, experimenting, and mistakes, LawnDad grew to understand some best practices and that a single misstep won’t ruin a lawn forever. He began investing in better-quality equipment and products, which made a huge difference in the overall health and appearance of his lawn.


As LawnDad learned the ins and outs of lawn care, he decided to start an Instagram account to connect with a community of people dealing with similar lawn care struggles. He began documenting his lawn care routine and sharing tips and tricks he discovered throughout the process. And the people loved it — LawnDad now has a loyal following of over 108,000 followers.


Last year, LawnDad started using a few Turf Titan products and was immediately impressed with the results. This season, with the goals of healing his lawn from burnout and leveling up from last year’s lawn, he’s exclusively used Turf Titan products. Lawn Kelper, Drought Defender, and Hydro Holder help him achieve those lofty goals. Heading into the fall, LawnDad will be using Thatch Buster to naturally break down a mowing season worth of buildup and conducting a soil test to find out what else his lawn might need.


While LawnDad has grown into a trusted lawn care source, he says there are some tough lessons he’s had to learn along the way. He started off with some cheap equipment but wishes he knew early on that quality equipment is worth the investment and will truly make a difference. He also realizes that it can be tough to stick to a plan, but it’s important to trust that plan to yield some incredible results in the long run.


To learn more about LawnDad and follow along his lawn care journey, follow LawnDad on Instagram.

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