Product Instructions

Applying Turf Titan to Your Lawn

Most Turf Titan products are applied the same way. Review our video or check out our steps below to know how to apply our products to your lawn.

Feel free to download our Product Application PDF as well!

If you are looking for pond or rust product instructions, keep scrolling to the bottom of this page!



Get your Bottle Ready

For best results, shake the product well before using

Attach Your Hose

For Hose-End, connect the Turf Titan sprayer nozzle to your hose. Slide the thumb activation to ON and turn the water to a low to medium flow.

Move Swiftly

Move at a swift pace to cover your entire lawn. A bottle will usually last 6-10 minutes.

Water the Lawn

Water the lawn for 20 minutes after the application


Other Instructions

Step 1: Locate your battery powered or pump up sprayer.

Put on gloves and protective clothing.  Always be safe.  Simply pour the Rust Recker product into the sprayer. Do Not Dilute.  Product is ready to use. 

Step 2: Pick Out A Test Area

To ensure the product works on the surface you are targeting try the product in an inconspicuous place.

Step 3: Spray Rust Recker Directly on Rust Stained Areas

Stains will start to fade in a matter of seconds.  Keep the stained area wet with the Rust Recker as stains continue to fade.  Heavy rust deposits may require more time and doses.

Step 4: Rinse

Simply rinse the treated surface and any exposed surfaces after stains have disappeared.



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