Product Instructions

Applying Turf Titan to Your Lawn

Most Turf Titan products are applied the same way. Review our video or check out our steps below to know how to apply our products to your lawn.

Feel free to download our Product Application PDF as well!

If you are looking for pond or rust product instructions, keep scrolling to the bottom of this page!



Get your Bottle Ready

For best results, shake the product well before using

Attach Your Hose

For Hose-End, connect the Turf Titan sprayer nozzle to your hose. Slide the thumb activation to ON and turn the water to a low to medium flow.

Move Swiftly

Move at a swift pace to cover your entire lawn. A bottle will usually last 6-10 minutes.

Water the Lawn

Water the lawn for 20 minutes after the application


Other Instructions

Step 1: Check The Pond Temperature

Pond Perfecter will work best when the water temperature is above 50 degrees.

Step 2: Calculate The Correct Dosing for your pond.

For Larger Ponds:  Pond Perfecter is dosed at a rate of 1 gallon per acre foot. 

A.    To calculate the “acre feet” of your pond, multiply the surface area in acres by the average depth in feet. The result equals the volume of your pond in “acre feet.”

B.    Example: If you pond is 2 surface acres with a 4 foot average depth, you would 8 acre feet of water. (2 x 4 = 8 “acre feet”)

For Smaller Ponds:

A.    For ponds smaller than 1000 gallons: Dose ½ oz. of Pond Perfecter per 1000 gallons

B.    For ponds over 1000 gallons and over: Dose 1 oz. of Pond Perfecter per 1000 gallons

Step 3: Choose A Dosing Option

A.    Walk around the perimeter of the pond and pour Pond Perfecter in various spots.

B.    Pour the Pond Perfecter in a Sprayer and walk around the edges of the pond spraying into the water.

C.    Take a Ride on a Boat!  Float around the pond and dispense the bottles at various locations.

Step: Relax

Pond Perfecter is a biology based product.  It’s always working and will continue to work.  You may not see results immediately, but you will see results after a month and 2-3 months after initial treatment.

 Step 5- Tip:  If you have pond aeration the product will work even better

Circulating the water helps the microbes in Pond Perfecter work at their best.

DISCLAIMER: Pond Perfecter will not kill algae. Once the algae has been removed use Pond Perfector to keep your pond healthy, clean, and clear. 

All ponds are not created equal.  Depending on the condition of the ponds, some may need treated more than others.  Dosing Pond Perfecter 3 times annually is typical treatment for most ponds.


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