Mowtivator Spotlight: Joy Van Wyngarden

Mowtivator Spotlight: Joy Van Wyngarden

Joy Van Wyngarden spent her childhood growing up on a conventional row-crop farm in the country. But after she graduated from high school, she got hooked on producing her own food in her backyard.


“Sadly, I used to think it was just an old lady thing to garden when my mother would do it when I was young,” she said. “But then I started doing it because I wanted fresh produce that I knew how it was grown, and I fell in love with being outside and tending to it.”


Now she enjoys tending to her garden and testing out new methods and new plant species.


“My favorite part of having a garden is having another excuse to be outside in the summer and walking around barefoot harvesting food and watching plants start producing fruit,” she said.


When Joy started treating her soil with Turf Titan products, she saw a noticeable improvement in the quality of her garden and the produce it grew.


“I was really happy with the Root Booster and Bud Builder products from Turf Titan this year,” she said. “I saw fantastic growth in my vegetable plants and dealt with hardly any pests, which was crazy! Normally pests are one of the biggest problems with having a garden, but I really focused on my soil health with Turf Titan's soil-friendly products and also using compost, and it made a huge difference.”


Joy tried her hand at growing potatoes and water bath canning for the first time this year, and she has her sights set on new goals for 2024 already.


“My goal for next year is to try a few different varieties within my garden and also learn how to pressure can so I can preserve more of my harvest,” Joy said.


She’s learned so much throughout her growing journey and enjoys sharing tips with other gardeners to help them avoid some of the early mistakes she made.   


“The planning and prep work that goes into a garden is just as important as the maintenance and upkeep of a garden,” she said. “Plan out your garden for the whole season in the springtime, and prioritize what you really want to get out of your garden.”


Turf Titan’s powerful products have helped her focus on one of the most critical elements of a successful garden — soil health.


“I believe in the power of healthy soil,” she said. “Our food, the quality of nutrients we get, all depends on how we treat our soil. I think that the future of food production lies in the hands of the steward of the soil.”


To learn more about Joy and follow along as she grows her garden, find her on Instagram.

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