K9 Correcter

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K9 Correcter

Revive & Protect Your Lawn

Rid your lawn of yellow spots using Turf Titan’s K9 Correcter™. K9 Correcter™ is a concentrated blend of beneficial bacteria, enzymes, and surfactants to quickly and safely repair unsightly yellow spots caused by pet urine in the lawn. K-9 Correcter™ will neutralize the damaged lawn and revitalize the yellow areas. Our simple-to-use product is environmentally friendly, all natural and completely safe for people and pets.


K9 Corrector's blend of beneficial microbes and humates neutralizes the damaged lawn and revitalizes the yellow spots.


One 32 oz bottle of Lawn Commander will cover 5,000 to 8,000 sq ft depending on how quickly you move through the lawn.

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