Thatch Buster

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Size: 32 oz. with Hose End Sprayer

Thatch Buster

Create Healthy, Aerated Soil

Create healthy, aerated soil for a lush, green lawn without rakes, tools, or mess with Thatch Buster™. Dozens of beneficial microorganisms in the premium formula convert organic waste into a food source and return valuable nutrients to soil and grass. Producing better drainage and airflow, Thatch Buster™ generates healthier, stronger lawns and is safe for children, animals, and the planet.

Thatch Buster’s powerful microbes naturally decompose thatch buildup and other organic waste and convert it to a sustainable food source for your lawn. The natural formula leaves soil well-aerated, eliminating the need for messy, high-stress mechanical aeration. The microbe-softened soil improves water dispersion and root penetration for a strong, healthy lawn that can stand up to drought-like conditions.


Recycles thatch buildup and old grass clippings into a food source, making your lawn more sustainable.


Thatch Buster™ starts working under the soil immediately, with visible results to top growth in 45 days.


Mixture of microbial strains, bacillus licheniformis, cellulomonas cellasea, pseudomonas balearica, ferment residue (non-animal), and water.

Commercial Strength

Just 4 oz. of Thatch Buster™ treats 1,000 square feet of grass, and the premium formula has been proven on millions of acres.

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