Thatch Buster

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Thatch Buster is designed to naturally decompose thatch build-up using the power of microbes. It works to create healthy soil that is well aerated and bioactive. Thatch Buster quickly reduces organic waste and recycles it as a food source for your lawn and garden. Turf Titan’s Thatch Buster is Non-GMO and contains over 2 Dozen Strains of Naturally Occurring Beneficial Microorganisms that utilize the spent thatch as a food source and return valuable nutrients back to your lawn and soil.

  • Enjoy a Beautiful Lawn without the mess. No raking, no power tools.
  • Naturally decompose thatch and grass clippings for a stronger and healthier lawn.
  • Thatch Buster improves drainage and airflow to prevent lawn damage and unwanted pests.

For best results apply Turf Titan’s Thatch Buster before 10 am, or after 5 pm. This allows for decreased evaporation and greater efficacy. Application during the afternoon should be avoided.

Once applied, water your lawn for 20–30 minutes. Shake product well before use. Best if used within 6 months of purchase. Do not store Thatch Buster in direct sunlight. Store in a closed container at room temperature. Do not freeze.  

For pump-up garden sprayers

  1. Mix 4 oz. of Thatch Buster per gallon of water
  2. Apply evenly across lawn
  3. Water lawn for 20–30 minutes after application

For hose-end sprayers

  1. Pour Thatch Buster into hose-end sprayer bottle
  2. Set sprayer to "4 oz." setting
  3. Evenly apply 4 oz. concentrate across lawn
  4. Water lawn for 20–30 minutes after application

Active Ingredients:

  • Microbial Content
  • Bacillus licheniformis
  • Cellulomonas cellasea
  • Pseudomonas balearica      

Total Other (Inert) Ingredients - Water  



Save yourself the hassle of having to use thatch rakes or renting heavy equipment with

Thatch Buster. 100% organic, safe and designed for all types of lawns!.

How Thatch Buster Works

The microbes in Thatch Buster are microscopic meaning you don’t have to see them, but they are mighty. These hungry micro-organisms have one job - feed! They slither through your lawn subsisting on your thatch and fertilizing with nutrients as they do their work. Microbes also carry oxygen into the soil which allows for air and water to be better delivered there by breaking down the dirt. This lessens compaction over time which results in more rich grass roots too! Don't stop there though Thatch Buster has the ability to save your lawns root system from drought like conditions due to its natural moisture retaining properties!

PhD Approved and Lab Tested

Thatch Buster was developed by a team of organic farmers and microbiologist to provide safe, affordable, and effective care for your lawn. With Thatch Buster you are introducing biology back into your lawn providing unmatched health benefits with environmental sustainability. It is simple…You are using nature to correct problems in your lawn and soil. Thatch Buster was derived from a product that was designed to break down corn stalks in fields after harvest. If these little buggers can break down corn stalks, they will breeze through your lawn thatch.

Multiple Applications

Use Thatch Buster in place of mechanical aeration and power raking. Thatch Buster can be used to break down your compacted soil to help with air flow and drainage. It is safe to use on all grass types and in all regions.

You will see a difference but remain patient. Results don’t happen overnight, but things are going on around the clock in your soil that you can’t see. Natural Miracles are happening!


Do I need to water this product in?

Yes. Water heavily enough to get through the thatch layer and wet the soil underneath. Or apply before rain is expected.

Can I store this product for later use?

Yes. Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Product will store for 2 years under normal conditions.

How long does it take to work?

Thatch Buster starts working immediately under the soil but the process of naturally aerating your soil takes time. Expect to wait 45 days to see the difference in your top growth.

Can I use this on new grass seed?

You should wait to apply Thatch Buster until the grass has begun growing. Essentially, if a seed is struggling the Thatch Buster product will use it as a food source. The product you should use for new lawn starts or when over seeding is Root Booster. It will really help with lawn establishment.

When is the best time of year to apply?

You can apply Thatch Buster in the springtime when soil has warmed up (55°F or higher) and all trees have leafed out. Autumn is also a great time to apply Thatch Buster as a reset heading into winter.

How long after applying before pets and kids can safely go on the lawn?

Thatch Buster is completely safe for humans and animals. Feel free to frolic in your grass immediately!

Could I use this in conjunction with a mechanical aerator?

You can use them in conjunction with one another. However, we recommend spraying thatch buster after you have mechanically aerated and then watered. This will allow the Thatch Buster even better penetration into the soil and aid in breaking down the plugs. But it is worth noting, you can use this product in place of mechanical aeration.

Size: 32 oz. with Hose End Sprayer

Thatch Buster

Create Healthy, Aerated Soil

Create healthy, aerated soil for a lush, green lawn without rakes, tools, or mess with Thatch Buster™. Dozens of beneficial microorganisms in the premium formula convert organic waste into a food source and return valuable nutrients to soil and grass. Producing better drainage and airflow, Thatch Buster™ generates healthier, stronger lawns and is safe for children, animals, and the planet.

Thatch Buster’s powerful microbes naturally decompose thatch buildup and other organic waste and convert it to a sustainable food source for your lawn. The natural formula leaves soil well-aerated, eliminating the need for messy, high-stress mechanical aeration. The microbe-softened soil improves water dispersion and root penetration for a strong, healthy lawn that can stand up to drought-like conditions.


Recycles thatch buildup and old grass clippings into a food source, making your lawn more sustainable.


Thatch Buster™ starts working under the soil immediately, with visible results to top growth in 45 days.


Mixture of microbial strains, bacillus licheniformis, cellulomonas cellasea, pseudomonas balearica, ferment residue (non-animal), and water.

Commercial Strength

Just 4 oz. of Thatch Buster™ treats 1,000 square feet of grass, and the premium formula has been proven on millions of acres.

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Customer Reviews

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walter casey
Rain rain waiting to put it down

Waiting for the weather to be right before putting everything down.its been raining a lot, and I don't want it to wash away..put it down at 0700 Sunday June 2

Steven G
Will Purchase Again!

I bought both the Root Booster and Thatch Buster for my Centipede and St. Augustine grass lawn. Since it can take up to 4-weeks to see anything, I have waited to report on these products. I can now report that my grass is thicker and doing quite well after using these products. Bottom line: I will be purchasing these again next year!

Worked Miracles on My Yard

Love this!! Worked miracles on my yard. The grass is much thicker and has spread into all the bar patches. Used this with Root Booster and they turned my lawn around in two weeks. Loved that no worms were mutilated as opposed to traditional aeration.

Aaron V.
Excellent Alternative!

This product is an excellent alternative to manual aeration. The last time we aerated, we busted a sprinkler line despite marking everything, so it’s great to have Thatch Buster and skip the mess and expense of machine aeration.


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