Root Booster

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Transform your lawn, plants, and soil with Root Booster, an all-natural probiotic, powered by microbes. Root Booster is your ultimate solution for optimal soil health, the cornerstone of a thriving lawn and garden. This powerful formula unlocks vital nutrients, promoting lush growth for your lawn, plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, and garden. Non-GMO and effective, Root Booster amplifies nutrient uptake and maximizes fertilizer efficiency. 

Size: 32 oz. with Hose End Sprayer

Root Booster

Generate Faster Growth & Stronger Plants

Create the ideal conditions for healthy soil and growing grass with Root Booster™. The all-natural probiotic blend makes nutrients more available to root systems, generating faster growth and stronger plants. Ideal for grass, gardens, flowers, trees, and plants, Root Booster™ is safe for children, animals, and the planet.

Root Booster™ sets the stage for a lustrous lawn by loosening and conditioning compacted soil to promote water uptake and drainage. Root Booster builds a stronger, deeper root system. that results in bigger plants.


The probiotic blend releases locked-up nutrients and enhances absorption for a stronger lawn that can fight off diseases and withstand harsh conditions. Powered by microbes, Root Booster™ maximizes the effect of fertilizer programs for fewer treatments.


For a greener, stronger, and healthier lawn and garden, apply Root Booster™ any time you dig or plant. When used as directed, Root Booster™ is safe for children and pets immediately after application.


One 32 oz bottle of Root Booster will cover 5,000 to 8,000 sq ft depending on how quickly you move through the lawn.

Mid Summer

Give your lawn the defense it needs against heat and stress while giving soil a chance to develop stronger roots. 4-6 Weeks after previous application

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Customer Reviews

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Kevin Sorg
Root Booster + Drought Defender

Using Root Booster + Drought Defender in my lawncare program has allowed my lawn to flourish during the hot summer months. The color response of the turf as well as the "plushness" of the grass has been unbelievable.

william plummer

Root Booster

Craig Kosakowski

I bought root booster as a last hope effort to save some arbrovities that some round up had been washed onto by heavy rains. Arbrovities were mostly brown with signs of green at the top. Since spraying root booster they look to be making a comeback. Very encouraging to see the change in 2 weeks

Sandeep Singh
Guaranteed improvements

Turf titan Root Booster really helped strengthen my lawn during the heat of the summer. Grass definitely looks much greener during the hot hot days.

Joe C.
Root for Your Lawn

If you overseed, this is a must to help kickstart germination. It also helps establish good root structure to withstand Summer heat.


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