Pond Perfecter

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Pond Perfecter

Improve Water Clarity All Season Long

Simplify pond maintenance and improve water clarity all season long with Pond Perfecter™. The powerful blend of beneficial bacteria breaks down waste, controls muck, and eliminates odors to reveal clean, clear water. Safe for children, animals, and the planet, 100% natural Pond Perfecter™ is the best option for restoring ponds to a state of health and balance.

By balancing mineral nutrient levels and preventing problems that cause nitrate and phosphate, Pond Perfecter™ can also keep algae from growing and spreading. From small garden ponds to fountains and large swimming ponds, Pond Perfecter is versatile and safe for livestock, fish, birds, and other wildlife.


The proprietary formula of potent probiotics breaks down sludge and waste, removes noxious odors, reduces toxic ammonia, and eliminates murky water for a crystal-clear pond.


Pond Perfecter starts working immediately, visible results will vary depending on pond condition. Most users see visible results within 30 days of use. Pond Perfecter uses natural probiotics so efficacy improves with time.


For ponds smaller than 1000 gallons: ½ oz. per 1000 gallons. For ponds over 1000 gallons and over: 1 oz. per 1000 gallons.

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