Lawn Commander

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Size: 32 oz. Hose End Sprayer

Lawn Commander

Maximum Growth & Green

Give your grass an instant green pop while fortifying it for long-term health with Lawn Commander™. The all-in-one fertilizer is formulated with a high-quality blend of micronutrients to keep soil healthy, grow a robust root system, and produce a lush lawn. With easy application for all seasons and grass types, nontoxic Lawn Commander™ is safe for children, animals and the planet. Lawn Commander’s proprietary ratio of micronutrients such as sulfur, iron, manganese, and zinc create a stronger root system to combat heat, cold, and drought throughout the year for healthy grass and soil.


 Innovative nitrogen technology ensures maximum growth and green between applications, while a healthy dose of humic acid helps grass absorb the water and nutrients necessary for a lush, green lawn.


Lawn Commander™ is most effective when applied every 4-6 weeks. When used as directed, Lawn Commander™ is safe for children and pets immediately after application.


One 32 oz bottle of Lawn Commander will cover 5,000 to 8,000 sq ft depending on how quickly you move through the lawn.

Early Spring

Get your lawn in tip-top shape with our advanced nutrients that will feed and green up the grass while increasing soil health. When grass is just starting to green up and actively grow.

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