Lawn Advancer

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Lawn Advancer offers an all-inclusive blend of nutrients that ensures your lawn will never look better. The beneficial addition to micronutrients, amino acids, and sugars keeps your lawn healthy while making sure you have thicker grass as well! Lawn Advancer can help create a lush green lawn by providing what's needed in one easy application - no phosphorus or harsh chemicals required; works on all grass types.
Size: 32 oz. with Hose End Sprayer

Lawn Advancer

Green Up Grass Quickly

Make your lush lawn the talk of the town year-round with Lawn Advancer™. The triple-action fertilizer greens up grass quickly, feeds it vital nutrients for growth, and protects it against harmful heat stress. It helps your lawn or plants bounce back if they are stressed or struggling, and not looking good. Featuring an all-natural formula with microbiology technology, pesticide-free Lawn Advancer™ is safe for children, animals, and the planet.


Lawn Advancer™ features essential ingredients such as nitrogen, amino acids, and soluble potash as well as beneficial micronutrients including zinc, copper, and manganese to strengthen soil and boost active plant growth. The power-packed blend fortifies grass against heat stress and harmful diseases, enhancing plant immunity for healthy, green grass year-round in any conditions. The balanced nutrient levels and robust immune systems help plants meet their full high-yield potential.


Lawn Advancer™ is most effective when applied every 4-6 weeks. When used as directed, it’s safe for children and pets immediately after application.


One 32 oz bottle of Lawn Advancer will cover 5,000 to 8,000 sq ft depending on how quickly you move through the lawn.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great stuff

Just started using this summer and already see some progress. Thank you

Arias G.
Haven’t used it yet.

Have yet to use advancer but if it’s built like the other TT products I’m sure it’s good.

Michael Roberson
The Greenest !!!

I have used Lawn Stripper since 2022. It works as described. It’s the best on the market. Very easy to use with outstanding results.

Sarah P.
Working Great!

I had muddy parts in my yard and this helped fertilize the ground & now I can already see progress when before I wasn’t using this I had no progress at all so hopefully in a few weeks I’ll have a full yard! So far it’s working great!

Works well with my yard

This is a high-quality product that I have used previously. If used correctly, it can cover 10000 square feet. I have a yard about 5000 square feet and this container provides me two treatments. I use a regular garden pump and do the treatments 8 weeks apart. It makes my grass very lush looking. Thick and green. It seems to have the nutrients that my yard responds very well to. My grass is a combination of Bermuda and Fescue, and this product works well on my turf type. Highly recommend.


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