Bud Builder

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Bud Builder

Plant and Flower Booster

Want stunning, colorful blooms this season? Bud Builder is your answer! This top-notch plant fertilizer works as a powerhouse for both outdoor and indoor gardens. From perfecting vegetable patches to creating lush lawns, you can trust its active beneficial microbes will give plants the maximum flower potency potential they need - so your trees and shrubs bloom their best. Plus, with its help, soil quality in greenhouses or hydroponics systems receives an extra boost too! Get ready to savor gorgeous sights of vibrant petals all around… get growing today with Bud Builder!


Bud Builder is a revolutionary, high-potency probiotic that utilizes potent microbes to boost plant growth and ensure maximum floral production. Its active ingredients are sure to revolutionize your garden!


Bud Builder invigorates your flowers, plants, and gardens with natural Non-GMO probiotics to enhance their beauty! Expect increased aroma, color and flavor. Bud Builder is designed to work with indoor and outdoor plants, including shrubs, flowers, gardens, and more. It is safe for all plants in all growing conditions.


Bud Builder can be applied once a week with any type of pump or hose-end sprayer, watering can or irrigation system at 1 oz per gallon. Shake the product well before use to see best results.


  • 1% Nitrogen
  • Microbial Content
  • Humic Acids

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