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Why Your Potted Plants Need A Wetting Agent

Why Your Potted Plants Need A Wetting Agent

Ever had a potted plant fail to thrive, even when you’re watering it right on schedule? Did water head straight out the pot’s drainage holes, even though the soil seemed dry? 

Your soil was likely hydrophobic or water-repellent.

This often happens when soil becomes dried out for extended periods of time and is especially common with sandy soils or potting mixes. So if your plants were neglected while you were on an extended vacation or you simply forgot to care for them when life got busy, there’s a good chance their soil has  become hydrophobic. The result is uneven watering, dry spots, and ultimately unhealthy plants.

But a quality wetting agent can help remedy this problem.

Wetting agents, also known as surfactants, help water penetrate soil more efficiently and evenly by reducing the water’s surface tension. They break down the waxy coating in dry soil, allowing water to completely absorb and reach roots. Originally developed for turf, wetting agents are also great for restoring potted plants.

A non-ionic formula such as Hydro Holder will safely suspend moisture in soil, improve penetration, reduce puddling, and increase nutrient uptake for a healthy soil profile and happy plants. It makes more efficient use of water and requires you to use significantly less fertilizer to keep your potted plants growing.

A quick, simple application of a wetting agent like Hydro Holder is an affordable, planet-friendly way to help your potted plants thrive.


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