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Tips for Creating a Strong, Healthy Lawn

Tips for Creating a Strong, Healthy Lawn

Summer weather, weeds, heavy foot traffic, and pests can all put excess stress on your lawn and inhibit growth. Easing this stress with a few simple steps can promote grass health and help it grow strong throughout the year.


No matter the conditions, keeping your mower blades sharp is critical to preventing browning and fraying which ultimately makes it harder for grass to retain moisture.

Rather than trimming super short, you should also set your mower blades higher and keep grass longer so it can establish deep roots and reach moisture in the soil.


Resist the urge to put off watering until the evening, which can promote fungus and bacterial disease growth. And avoid watering during the hot daytime hours when evaporation will dry your lawn out before sundown.

Instead, stick to watering before 10 a.m. for maximum benefit and reduced waste. You can test moisture levels by stepping on a patch of grass with proper watering, it will spring right back.


Give your grass a jumpstart for next year by seeding your lawn in the fall. Consult an expert for the best breed based on conditions in your area, and your new grass should be set to flourish before next summer.

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