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How Often Should You Mow Your Lawn?

How Often Should You Mow Your Lawn?

Making a few changes in when and how you cut your grass during the hot summer months could help it grow thicker and healthier.


Mow Little & Often

Rather than occasionally taking off the majority of your grass’s length, give it a more frequent trim and don’t cut more than a third off at a time.


Setting your mower blades low and trimming too much at one time can result in the grass stems being exposed — known as scalping. Grass won’t get the sunlight it needs to thrive, and it could turn an unhealthy shade of brown.


Instead, keep blades relatively high and give your grass a trim every three to four days. Your lawn will be better able to absorb sun, which is essential to healthy growth.


Mow When Grass Is Dry

Adjust your mowing schedule to the weather and outside conditions. Mowing when grass is wet won’t give your lawn a clean, even cut, and you’ll likely have to go over it a second time. Wet blades can also clump and get stuck inside your mower.


If your lawn is wet from rain or dew, wait for it to dry or brush moisture off with a hose before mowing.


Leave a Patch Unmowed

Facilitate an entire healthy ecosystem by letting a small patch of grass grow wild and sprinkling a wildflower seed mix over the area.


By not running a mower over the grass and adding in some wildflowers, you’ll create a natural habitat for birds, bees, and other pollinators. The result will be a beautiful, flourishing lawn that’s good for the planet too.

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