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Dog Spot Treatment - K9 Correcter

Dog Spot Treatment - K9 Correcter

Man’s best friend can wreak some serious havoc on your otherwise pristine lawn.

The high nitrogen and ammonia content in dog urine can cause grass to turn yellow and crunchy, a lot like heat damage or some lawn diseases. So even if you’re doing everything else right when it comes to lawn care, you could end up with unsightly spots where your pup is regularly relieving itself or marking.

To prevent damage from dog urine, follow these tips.


Spray Down Pee Spots

Take note of where your dog urinates then hose that area down as soon as possible to mitigate damage to grass. You’ll want to completely soak the spot with water, ideally right away but definitely within 12 hours.


Treat Grass with a Neutralizer

Although it’s best to prevent pee spots before they happen, you can still treat grass after the damage is done. Apply a product such as K9 Correcter that neutralizes nitrogen levels, balances soil pH, repairs damage, and unlocks nutrients to restore a green, healthy lawn.

Remove Dead Grass and Reseed

If you’re dealing with deep, old damage from dog urine that has already caused grass to completely die, you can dig up those dead areas of grass to expose the soil. Apply K9 Correcter to revitalize the soil that has also been affected by the urine, bring biology back in to repair it, and assist with the seed germination process. Then cover it with peat moss or topsoil and treat with a nitrogen-neutralizing fertilizer before reseeding and watering.


Train Dogs to Urinate in Designated Areas

To prevent pups from repeatedly damaging grass all over your lawn, train them to urinate in a single spot that isn’t the center of attention, such as the corner of your lot. This will also make it easier to hose down and treat affected grass. 

You don’t have to choose between a loyal family pet and a lush, green lawn. Take a few simple steps, and you can have the best of both worlds.

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