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What is Liquid Lawn Aeration?

What is Liquid Lawn Aeration?

Mowing, fertilizing, and watering are not the only things needed to maintain a healthy lawn. Over time, the soil beneath our lawns becomes compacted, starving the grass of essential water and nutrients. While lawn care pros often recommend the use of mechanical aerators, this may not be the most practical solution for some homeowners. Before making the investment of purchasing or renting aerating equipment you should learn about your other option- liquid aeration!

First lets understand what aeration is. When you aerate you create little tunnels to allow air and water to flow to the roots. This allows the plant to absorb all the nutrients and build healthy grass. When the soil beneath the turf is compacted, the roots don’t grow effectively because they stay near the surface. By aerating your turf, it allows it to relax and expand into the vacated core, which promotes deeper roots and provides better disease resistance.

It involves using either a powered or manual machine that leaves holes in a lawn by pulling small plugs from the ground every few inches.

This is true for liquid products as well, but liquid aerators have added benefits. One major bonus? Introducing microbes into your soil! The soil is also home to a world full of other little organisms helping your grass grow, including; microbes, fungi and insects. These organisms make the soil richer for your plant. What a Liquid Lawn Aerator can do is introduces several components into the soil and encourages water retention, and reduces weed seeds, insect eggs and pathogens.

Liquid aeration provides coverage for your entire lawn, while a manual aerator is limited to the holes it makes. Without the need for holes, liquid aeration can be done any time of the year without damaging new grass as the core would. ... You can hire professionals to perform any of these methods of aeration.

Continual applications of liquid aerators are normally needed for sustained results. As a bonus, Turf Titan’s Thatch Buster solution contains other added ingredients to further condition the soil.

One noted benefit is that liquid aeration can provide complete and total coverage. This is something that cannot be done with core aeration alone. However, liquid aeration may not produce as immediate results as that of manual aeration.

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