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What Happens When Turf gets too much Rain?

What Happens When Turf gets too much Rain?

Rain is great for your lawn right? But what happens when it rains too much, can too much water be bad for turf? It is important to keep an eye on rainfall levels and adjust your maintenance practices accordingly. If you notice that there has been more rain than usual, curtail your watering and sprinkler schedule. Here are a few potential pitfalls of too much rain.

Grass Suffocation

If your turf is receiving too much water, it can begin to suffocate and drown. Oxygen is vital for the growth of healthy turf, and with excess water the oxygen is not able to penetrate the root system.

Fungal Damage

Anytime something is wet for an extended period, there is a high probability of fungal growth, and this rule applies to your lawn. As rain levels increase, you may start to notice mushrooms popping up on your lawn, or your lawn may start to show signs of disease infestation.

Nutrient Loss

When it rains for an extended period or rains on a consistent basis, the ground becomes very saturated. Saturated soil often cannot absorb any more moisture, leading to excess run-off that can cause a mini “flash flood” on your lawn. When this happens vital nutrients and fertilizers are washed off and cannot be absorbed into the root system. If you are concerned about this and believe your lawn may need additional fertilizer, please contact your local Weed Man professional.

Shallow Root Growth

Soil tends to become extremely saturated in the face of rainy conditions. When this occurs, grass plants do not have to go as far below the surface to access water. This encourages the growth of a shallow root system, which can become a problem when drier weather hits – since the roots of the lawn are so shallow, they are no longer able to reach water that may be deeper in the soil. A shallow root system also weakens your lawn and makes it more susceptible to weed growth.


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