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Water Conservation and Lawn Care

Water Conservation and Lawn Care

Keeping your lawn hydrated while conserving water in the hot, dry summer can be a tough balance. Here’s how — and why — you should make the most of your water usage over the next few months.

With some regions experiencing record-low rainfall and even imposing drought restrictions on residents, minimizing water waste is more important than ever. Conserving this resource saves energy, benefits the environment, and can cut your water bill too!

  • If you’re planting grass, consider a species that requires less water to thrive. Depending on where you live, some great drought-resistant options include Bermuda, St. Augustine,fine fescue, and Kentucky bluegrass.
  • Rather than everyday, water your grass well twice a week early in the morning, when it’s less likely to evaporate.
  • Use the mulcher on your mower so grass clippings can protect your lawn from the heat and seal in moisture.
  • Treat your lawn with Turf Titan nutrients and beneficial microbes for maximum water retention and drought resistance. Drought Defender’s formula helps soil stay hydrated, conserves water, and keeps grass healthy in dry, sweltering heat. Root Booster unlocks nutrients and conditions soil for improved water uptake and drainage and builds deeper root systems, while Lawn Kelper equips grass to tolerate the stress of summer’s harsh conditions.
  • Use a wetting agent like Hydro Holder that improves water penetration and holds moisture in the soil for more efficient use of water, maximize nutrient uptake, and even help your other lawn care products be more effective.

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