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How Microbes Work Within the Soil. ROOT BOOSTER

How Microbes Work Within the Soil. ROOT BOOSTER

Microbes are the unsung heroes of plant life. They are essential to plant growth. Here are a few ways the microbes found in Root Booster's solution can help your plant grow.

  • They feed on decaying organic matter. This helps the soil become fertile and rich with nutrients for plants.
  • Microbes naturally make unavailable nutrients available to the plant! Microbes are nutrient releasers and possess enzymes and minerals. Some nutrients exist in the soil, but are unavailable to the plant to uptake, microbes convert it for the plant.
  • Microbes produce hormones and other chemicals to stimulate plant growth.
  • They can prevent pathogen infection by inducing plant systemic disease resistance. They coat root surfaces to shield the plant from getting infected by pathogens. 
Microbes begin to work instantly, but they need lead time to do their best work, about 10 days to 2 weeks. Once the process has started and is maintained, microbes will continue to work in your soil.

Turf Titan solutions use the power of microbes to feed plants and soil. They introduce organic microbiology back into soils in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way.

Check out how you can put our microbes to work for your plants:

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