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Beating the Heat

Beating the Heat

The hot summer months can be hard on grass. Here’s how to beat the heat and protect your lawn!


Mow the Right Way

Adjusting your mowing routine in the brutal months of summer can prevent the sun from scorching grass and keep your lawn looking healthy.


  • Avoid mowing mid-day when the sun is directly overhead and instead opt for early morning or late evening.
  • Keep your grass a little longer — around 3 to 4 inches — so it can grow stronger roots and better tolerate stress. And never remove more than a third of its height at one time.
  • Make sure your mower blades are sharp. Dull blades can cause grass to fray and brown.
  • Ditch the bagger and mulch instead. Mulched grass clippings can help keep your lawn cool and lock in moisture.


Water in the Morning

Giving your grass some extra hydration will help it survive the sweltering heat. Stick to early morning watering so water is less likely to evaporate in the sunlight. Half an inch twice a week should do the trick.


Treat with Nutrients

A slow-release formula like Drought Defender can maximize water retention, prevent environmental stress, boost growth, and nourish your lawn even in the harshest conditions. Apply Drought Defender every 4-6 weeks during the summer season for the best results.


Minimize Foot Traffic

Heavy foot traffic on a dry lawn can cause long-term damage to grass, prevent air from reaching the roots under packed soil, and make it more vulnerable to sun damage. You can still gently enjoy your lawn, but if you notice an area is particularly worn down, stay off it completely until the damaged grass recovers.

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