natural thatch digester
Turf Titan’s Thatch Buster is a concentrated lawn thatch degrader. Thatch Buster reduces the need for mechanical aeration and power raking. This Non-GMO product contains over 2 Dozen Strains of Naturally Occurring Beneficial Microorganisms that utilize the spent thatch as a food source and return valuable nutrients back to your lawn and soil. You will be the talk of the neighborhood when you use Turf Titan’s Thatch Buster….and the grass will always be greener in your lawn! Use in conjunction with Root Booster for maximum lawn health and luster. Uses: For all lawn applications.
Liquid thatch Remover
All Natural
Sustainable And Natural Decomposer of Lawn Thatch
Liquid thatch Remover
Liquid Soil Aerator
Breaks Down Compacted Soil
all-natural thatch remover
Simple To Use
Apply With A Hose End Or Pump Sprayer
all-natural thatch remover
Powered By Microbes
Over 2 Dozen Naturally Occurring Microbes
  • "Thatch Buster is a no brainer. I thought I'd give liquid aeration a shot after my lawn guy damaged my irrigation heads last year with his aerator and smoked my dog fence in three areas. What a pain. This product is so easy to use. I just sprayed it down with a hose end and waited to see if it would work. It definitely breaks down the thatch layer. The more you use it the better it gets."
  • "This product is an excellent alternative to manual aeration. The last time we aerated, we busted a sprinkler line despite marking everything, so it’s great to have Thatch Buster and skip the mess and expense of machine aeration. The 32 oz. bottle treats 60,000 sq ft, making this a great value. Skip renting a plug machine, buy this instead."
  • "Wow! What a difference. I highly recommend this product. It works like a dream and plus its natural and safe to use around my dogs."

Eliminate Thatch!

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