lawn and garden probiotic
Root Booster is a concentrated all-natural probiotic for your lawn, plants, and soil. Soil health is the key to lawn and plant health. Root Booster will create the perfect conditions for promoting the growth of your lawn, plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, and garden by loosening and conditioning compacted soil, and increasing water uptake and drainage in your lawn. Root Booster is ideal for new start up lawns. This Non-GMO product allows the release of locked up nutrients, enhances nutrient uptake, and increases the transfer of fertilizer which will all boost plant growth. Root Booster is a must have for every lawn & garden. You will be the talk of the neighborhood when you use Turf Titan’s Root Booster…and the grass will always be greener in your lawn! Use in conjunction with Thatch Buster for maximum lawn health and lustre. Uses: For all lawn applications.
non-gmo root probiotics
Bigger Roots
Improves plant growth & soil health
non-gmo root probiotics
Less Fertilizers
Enhances Nutrient Availability
non-gmo root probiotics
Simple To Use
Apply with a Hose End or Pump Sprayer
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Commercial Strength
Trusted on Millions of Acres Nationwide
  • "My neighbor turned me on to this product, as his greenery was the pride of the neighborhood. The results were immediate and well worth the money. I was spending 4x as much money for HALF of the results with the store bought stuff I was using. Wish I knew about this product sooner!"
    Don K.
    Indianapolis, IN
  • "My lawn was filled with bald spots due to hard soil. One application, and my grass is full and green!"
    LARRY M.
    Albany, NY
  • "A friend recommended this product because I wasn’t wild about spraying chemicals on the lawn my kids primarily play on. Used it with their thatch buster product. Pretty impressed so far."
    KIM D.
    Trenton, NJ
  • Got this product and Thatch Buster 2 weeks ago. Live in Dallas with thick St Augustine grass in an older yard. The difference is already very noticeable. I treated my half of the side yard between my and my neighbor. He asked, 'when are you going to do my side?... you're making my yard look bad'
    Dallas, TX

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