safely remove pond sludge
Perfect Pond Liquid is a laboratory formulated, non-GMO concentration of beneficial bacteria that will naturally reduce pond muck caused by fish, ducks, dead weeds, dead algae, and leaves. Perfect Pond Liquid is absolutely safe for birds, pets, livestock, and swimming. Perfect Pond Liquid simplifies pond maintenance and will improve your water clarity all season long. Great for commercial and residential use. Create your perfect pond with Turf Titan’s Perfect Pond Liquid. Uses: For all Large and Small Pond applications.
naturally eliminate pond muck
Naturally Eliminates Pond Muck
Safe for Swimming, Plants and Animals
safely remove pond sludge
Over 25 Strains of Beneficial Microorganisms
naturally eliminate pond muck
Simple To Use
Just Pour in the Pond, and Walk Away!
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Commercial Strength
Proven on Millions of Gallons Worldwide

Also Available In Easy To Use Pouches!

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reduce pond muck
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  • "Perfect Pond is no joke. I used it last October and my pond is more clear that it has every been. Took care of the dead leaves that I used to rake out."
  • "Worth the money. It doesn’t take care of algae on the top water. I still used copper sulfate for that, but it really helps clarity."
  • "Be patient. This isn’t a quick fix overnight, but it does work. We had a ton of muck in our pond. I’ve been using it for over a year now and it has reduced the muck substantially. Cheaper and better than dredging."
  • "This product works…. and it’s safe for my kids and the dog."
  • "I used this in my backyard water feature to see if it would clean it up. It did! Looks great now."

Create Your Perfect Pond!

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