marijuana plant nutrients and microbes
Bud Titan’s Bud Builder is a PhD-Developed powerful microbial inoculant specifically designed to foster a healthy food web and ecosystem in your plant’s rhizosphere. Our all-natural concentrated consortium of beneficial microorganisms will facilitate better nutrient uptake and moisture penetration for your plants. With our long history of R&D and field performance, the specialized team of over 2 dozen microbes is perfect for use in soil, coco, rockwool, hydroponic systems, or any growing media. Put our robust biology to work on your plants and experience the results. Uses: For all Garden & Horticultural applications.
probiotics for cannabis buds
Bigger Buds
Improves plant growth, productivity & soil health
probiotics for cannabis buds
Better Yields
Enhances Nutrient Uptake & Moisture Penetration
marijuana plant nutrients and microbes
Simple To Use
Can Be Applied To Indoor Or Outdoor Soils
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Commercial Strength
Improves plant growth, productivity & soil health
  • "I love BB and want to be the first distributor for it."
    BRIAN E.
  • "Two clones side by side, BB shows faster and healthier growth…hands down!"
    CHAD D.
  • "No doubt in my mind BB is solely responsible for increase in trichomes and THC in my plants"
    MATT A.
  • "Love the product, healthy plants, good color, strong roots"
  • "I'm seeing lush flower growth, no deficiencies, at a low dose feeding veg. Happy Plants!"
    SCOTT N.
  • "Great side by side pics, big difference in clones, bigger roots and stem and faster growth"
    JACOB K.

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